Cannabis Sativa L. En extérieur

ISBN: 9789075924084

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cannabis sativa L Frans organic press V

Project Description

Author: Gijs
Published: 2003
Publishing form: Paperback / softback, volume in pages: 56, with illustrations
Language: French
Excerpt: ‘Cannabis sativa L. En extérieur’ by Gijs! An essential contribution to today’s cannabis society. Written in French.

For a good quality weed you do not necessarily need lamps or other technical feats. Sun, rain and a backyard or balcony is all you need.

Therefore this issue about how to grow your own weed outside. The author tried as clear and brief as possible, to show you how to get the best results in growing cannabis outdoors.

Why? Countless people regularly smoke a joint. The easiest way is to buy it. You only don’t know where it comes from and what happened with it. How healthy is it when you buy it? You know what you smoke when growing yourself.

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