ISBN: 9789075924121


Project Description

Author: Bert Janssen
Published: 2013
Excerpt: The Landbouwbelang proves that success can be achieved with limited resources. In 2002, a group of young people squatted a gigantic grain storage in Maastricht. Within 10 years, they had created an artistic playground for individual initiative, and experimentation. With the use of recycling, labour, a great deal of wood-burning stoves and a large dose of goodwill, this complex has developed into the cultural freezone of Maastricht. Nevertheless, many people still have a non-existent, or at least incorrect picture of the LBB. Unknown, unloved. For this reason photographer Bert Janssen took the initiative to bring the Landbouwbelang, its people, its art and its activities to people’s attention. This photo documentary extends a period of one year.

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