Sinsemilla unter Kunstlicht

ISBN: 9789075924039

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Sinsemilla duits

Project Description

Author: Runa
Format: Softback, pages: 76, with ilustrations
Language: German
Published: 1998 (3rd and revised edition)
Excerpt: ‘Sinsemilla unter Kunstlicht’ is a great guide for starting growers!  Written in German.

In this book, based on years of experience of professionals and enthusiasts, you are clearly spelled out how you can grow  your own plants inside. And very important, especially in a very healthy way. Grow yourself, so you know what you smoke.

It explains how:

  • to set up a growroom
  • to arrange the right environment with heat, light, and air for a plant to to grow and bloom
  • which nutrition and fertilizers you must use

Remember that any plant that is grown indoors, like tomatoes and cucumbers, have there basic outside! If you follow the steps as described in ‘Sinsemilla’, you will see that it is easier than you think. Even if you have little or no experience.

And ‘Sinsemilla unter Kunstlicht’ offers more: In the second part you will be completely initiated into the growing and flowering process and how to harvest the plants. Supplemented with all sorts of tips on the breeding process, growing with own seeds and clones, hydro culture and outdoor cultivation (‘As you know, good summers provide a good weed’).

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